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Capsule 50m

Fil Au Chinois Waxed Linen Thread Capsule – Azure

100% linen dipped in beeswax


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This will be your best kept secret for a fluffy and dense pompom (after your Pom Maker!).
It’s the ultimate solution for tying your pompoms super tight & strong.

This is a thin but very strong linen thread which is dipped in beeswax and starch which create friction so your knots will not easily loosen.

Trust us, no more loose pompoms! We’re such a big fan of this we shared a detailed post on our blog. See How To Tie Your Pompom – The Ultimate Guide.

Made by Fil Au Chinois, a French company that has been making quality waxed linen threads since 1847.


54.6 yard / 50m
100% linen 3 ply thread dipped in beeswax & starch

capsule size
2.5 (h) x 3.5 cm (dia)

Also available in 20m star cards
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Weight0.39 oz
Dimensions1.38 × 1.38 × 0.9 in

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