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Pom Maker Size Guide

Pom Maker comes in 4 sizes – Large, Medium, Small and Extra-Small.

Please see below chart for more information to decide what size Pom Maker you need for your project.

The final size of pompom will vary depending on the type of yarn you use and how much yarn you wrap.

Below is an examples of a pompom made with our Bow Pom Maker (Large size) and Crazy  Sexy Wool Super Chunky Yarn wrapped to the full capacity. 

Most of the animal pompoms in our tutorials are made with the Medium size Pom Maker. 

However you can also use the same design on Small Pom Maker to make smaller or baby animals as we did in this bear tutorial. See more detail in the bear pompom video tutorial. 

You can change the size of the pompom by varying the amount of yarn you wrap and trimming.

The example below is from our Eye Pom Pom Tutorial.

Both pompoms are made with a Medium Size Pom Maker. The one on the left is made with approx 300 wraps on each half of the Pom Maker, the one on the right is with approx 150 wraps plus some extra trimming. 

Did you know that you can also make very tiny pompoms with the Pom Maker? They’re so tiny and cute, perfect for making accessories with or decorating. 

You can use Medium or Large size Pom Maker for this. (Small size is not suitable)


Check out our How To Make Tiny Pompoms tutorial!

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