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Donut Pom Maker – Vanilla

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Pom pom making is fun!
Make it even more delicious with this original wooden donut pom maker.

This is a very versatile pom pom maker, suitable for all levels.
Developed and tested to be your tool of choice – it makes perfect pompoms, feels good to hold and is possibly the sweetest kit in a crafter’s tool box!

If you love making pompoms, a normal plastic pompom maker just won’t do!

Made of solid beech wood & non-toxic, toy safe paint

2.7 ” diameter
6 wooden parts in a cotton bag with a booklet



Pom Maker


Made of solid wood

Pom Maker is made of solid beech wood, with a non-toxic toy-safe painted frosting. Made for crafters who love working with natural materials and a quality tool. Say goodbye to the flimsy plastic ones. Let’s have more natural & eco-friendly options available for conscious crafters everywhere!

Poms made easy

Our original 4 parts design makes wrapping yarn a breeze! How about making pompoms together with just one tool and a friend? The separate parts design makes it easy and flexible to create amazing pompoms with different designs, helping you unleash your pomtential without restriction!

Fluffier pompoms

Pom Maker’s unique and sturdy design allows you to wrap a lot more yarn than other pompom makers for fluffier, denser pompoms.

Many different sizes

Our standard size Pom Maker can make a surprisingly large range of different pompom sizes. Depending on how many times you wrap, you can make pompoms in sizes between 2 – 3 1/2 inch (5 – 9 cm). Including the tiniest ones!

Delicious designs

Pom Maker’s first collection comes in the form of scrumptious donuts. They are designed to bring a smile and a little more happiness to your favorite crafting time!

Learning resources

You’ll never be short of educational and entertaining resources, useful tips and lessons to fuel your creativity with your Pom Maker. Expect ongoing video tutorials, printable projects and inspiration for all things pompom on our blog!